Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What is mine is yours

6th September 2011

Two days on from my last post and I am still being put through protocols and inductions. There is more to working in a mine than you would expect. Although I am not allowed to drive heavy machinery here I have had a crash course in their operation (Pun not intended or intended...you make your mind up). Two days of dos and don'ts, reading manuals and passing tests and I feel like if I've been a trucker all my life! Unfortunately I am yet to go down the mine as my guides for the day were in fact busy mining. Tomorrow I have been promised a the tour with all the stops right after I finish the induction lecture...yay.

The last few days have honestly been a culture shock. A strange place, hundreds of people who suddenly all know my name despite the fact that I swear I've never met them. Which makes it increasingly difficult to then introduce myself to learn theirs. The food is good hear, plentiful and mainly rice and a variety of meat to choose from...goat is wonderful this time of year. not to mention the grey red stuff I had last night with no label. =)

My office is nice, that's right I have my own office! With my very own air con and hand me down dusty computer that has the french version of Microsoft office installed. Making for an interesting time of doing anything...that will be sorted out tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed.

The days are starting to pass quicker of late as I am working 11 hour shifts and cannot wait for Sunday where I get to decide if i fancy a half day off or if I should really be in the office anyway...you don't get paid for naught.

Anyway everything is going well so far and hopefully Ill finally be able to make it down the one place that I've come here to see. Until tomorrow...

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