Monday, 31 October 2011

There and back again...A Lambert's tale

28th November... A new post.

My apologies for my absence. With so much going on at the moment I have let brain dump slip...always a messy thing and now am trying to redeem the month or so, if not more of time I have missed out on.

I have now been home for 3 weeks and how nice it has been. I have kept myself busy by moving around to see  some mates and going to visit Hannah. I went to watch Death Cab in Birmingham and have been learning to cook. I find the time out of work has allowed me to relax but am beginning to get itchy feet once more.

To recap my last few weeks in Mali were great. I completed all of my objectives with work and produced a report summarising the work completed. I completed an introduction to split bolt testing (making sure the bolts used to support the mine do the job) and learned how to scale (knocking all of the loose rocks from the walls and back of the drives to make safe the ground for further work...listen to that, somebody may think I know what I'm talking about!). I have also had the opportunity to witness a blast.

I made some very good friends during my time there and am planning on applying for a second contract with the company in the new year to continue the work and catch up with them.

For now I am enjoying my time focusing on other subjects than gold mining and geology. I am to keep brain dump going with any experiences that I think you may find interesting from now on...Watch this space...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I can see the light at the end of the drive (Tunnel in mining talk)

Hello my fellow Brain Dumpers...

Its Sunday 9th October. I have been here for over a month now and the end is in sight. With 3 and a bit weeks left it is still a distant speck but it is there all the same. I have found myself really starting to settle in. I will be honest, there have been plenty of ups and downs so far and I expect a fair few more but on the whole it has been a good and worthwhile experience. 

Work remains much as it has this past month. I have a review next week to show the work I have been carrying out and have begun looking at learning a few of the computer packages on offer here. I have also been   given the opportunity to learn geological core logging as well as the geotechnical core logging I am already doing. This has been given under the condition that I do not allow the exploration department to steel me and make me a true geologist. As much as my geological tendencies pull I will remain a geotechnical student engineer until my contract is finished.

Food here is still of a high quality and plentiful and I have spend a few evenings off in the bar getting thrashed at pool. Unfortunately smoking is permitted in the bar, clearly the Malians don't take after the Welsh government, and so I try not to spend too much time within the lingering smog. There is however a comfortable outside area in which to sit if you brave the mosquitoes.

I have been very pleased with the Rugby of late. Wales are proving to preform very well in defeat and victory 'touch wood' and provide me with no end of enjoyment when people take pity on me for being English, to correct them to my true nationality. (Sorry to the English out there...) The only issues is that I am the only Welshman on site and probably the only one you will find within 500kms if not more. Since I am in a French speaking country with lots of French, South African and Australian work colleague it maybe prove detrimental to my health if I slag off too much about the Rugby.

Today I have been into Tabakoto Village. A fascinating place and the first time I have been of site. There is a market and stalls small shops from the fronts of little mud huts. I was very glad to have had the chance to have a look around such a place. With Mali being one of the poorest countries in the world, It really hammers home how lucky Britain is, despite the recent Riots and the fact that my equivalent is Bridgend...I joke =)...

Well that is all for today's brain dump I do believe. Who knows when I next take a Brain dump [ =) ] Wales maybe on the way to victory or on the way home...and I wont be far behind them. Until next time...